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Special Area Directory

Name Position Phone
Camery, Kari School Psychologist 574-867-2711
Clemons, Jesiah Computer Technician 574-867-2711
DeSabatine, Dustin Computer Technician 574-867-2111
Ferch, Robert Transportation Coordinator 574-867-2111
Huitt, Tricia Corporation School Nurse 574-867-2711
Kohles, John School Resource Officer
Messer, Jeff Food Service Director 574-867-4561
Norwich, Susie Speech Pathologist 574-867-2711
Taylor, Scott Head of Maintenance 574-867-4561
    • Corporation Office

      Oregon-Davis School Corporation
      William Bennett, Superintendent
      5998 N 750 E
      Hamlet, IN 46532

      Voice: 574-867-2111
      Fax: 574-867-8191

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
      5990 N 750 E
      Hamlet, IN 46532

      Voice: 574-867-4561
      Fax: 574-867-2481

      Bettie Jo Awald, Principal
      Jerry Miller, Ath. Director
    • Elementary

      Oregon-Davis Elementary School
      5860 N 750 E
      Hamlet, IN 46532

      Voice: 574-867-2711
      Fax: 574-867-2721

      William Bennett, Principal
      Heather Quinn, Dean of Students


      The mission of Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School is to challenge students to become 21st Century citizens.

      The mission of Oregon-Davis Elementary is to create well-rounded students who are prepared for the ever-changing global society.
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