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  • Welcome!

    As we prepare for the 2018-19 school year, here are some important dates to add to your calendar:

    Specific dates include:
    • July 23rd: The JumpStart Program Begins
    • July 25th: Registration from 11:00AM - 6:00PM @ Jr./Sr. HS
    • July 26th: Registration from 11:00AM - 6:00PM @ Jr./Sr. HS
    • July 25th & 26th:  Money Saving!  HealthLinc Sports Physicals/Immunizations.  See below.
    • July 30th: Kindergarten Orientation Camp Begins
    • August 9th: Students First Day

    Sports Physicals

    Sports Physicals will be available by HealthLinc during registration on July 25 & 26 from 11:00 a.m.-6:00 pm. The cost will be $25.00 or insurance can be billed. Please call 574-772-7400 for an appt. Walk-Ins will also be accepted.

    The HealthLinc Mobile unit will also be available for School-Aged children to receive Immunizations. Please call for details. 574-772-7400.

    National Honor Society

    To our senior members of National Honor Society, we wish to thank you for your service, leadership, character, and scholarship here at school and in the community. Best wishes to you all!
    • nhsJose Allen
    • Lance Campbell
    • Jonathan Clark
    • Louis Danti
    • Jaden Edwards
    • Hunter Good
    • Jami Hurford
    • Kristina Merriman
    • Jennifer Quinn
    • Kandis Sauer
    • Leena Tetzloff
    • Samantha Young

    We are BOBCATS: Bringing Our Best Character, Attitude, Teamwork, and Scholarship!
  • Graduation!

    small gradhatsIt has been an amazing year and an amazing journey for our seniors at Oregon Davis. They have put in years of hard work, and as a result, their futures are coming together before their eyes. Some have been accepted to colleges across the country, some are pursuing a specific vocation while others are taking advantage of community college.

    We will come together as a community to celebrate these students’ accomplishments together at our annual graduation ceremony on June 1, 2018 at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there!
  • Why Choose OD?

    Oregon-Davis School Corporation is passionate about ensuring that every student experiences success with learning every day. We are committed to providing high-quality services in all that we do. Our School Board of Directors and our school community will play an active role in establishing an environment to ensure that our students are offered the very best education possible. Oregon-Davis School Corporation strives to educate our students to reach their academic potential by developing independent thinking, respect for self and others, positive attitudes, everyday living skills, and the motivation to achieve in the competitive world in which we live in. We are up to date with all of the state requirements for schools, and we strive to go above and beyond those expectations!

    To achieve this:
    • Staff displays dedication, high-level teaching skills, and individualized student attention.
    • Each student will experience a vibrant environment where students master new knowledge, tap their creativity, and explore their potential.
    • Specialized programs support students with learning difficulties or extend students with gifts and talents
    • Our schools offer rigorous academic courses, including numerous opportunities for students to excel in athletics, the arts, academic teams and more.
    • Our classrooms and facilities offer contemporary learning environments enriched by the latest in technology
    If you are interested in attending our schools, please contact us. We would love to have your family a part of the Oregon-Davis School Corporation!
  • Guidance NewsNotes

    Dual Credit and Vocational Opportunities Available

    od studentsOregon-Davis has many vocational opportunities and dual credit options available for students, which prepare students for life after high school. Vocational courses and industry certifications equip students with marketable skills that can be used to get a job after high school graduation. Dual credit courses allow students to earn college credits while still in high school, saving money in two ways: by earning college credit through less expensive courses in high school and by helping students graduate college faster, minimizing the college tuition bill.
    O-D students are encouraged to pursue dual credit and vocational opportunities while in high school to prepare for success after graduation, no matter the path they choose.

    As students begin to look at scheduling for the 2018-19 school year, they should be aware of the various vocational programs offered. Oregon-Davis Jr-Sr High School has a partnership with the North Central Area Vocational Cooperative (NCAVC) to offer several half-day courses that provide students with an opportunity to earn dual credit through Ivy Tech and Ancilla College, as well as industry certifications. Visit the NCAVC website for more information: Available vocational classes are:
    • Automotive Services Technology I & II
    • Construction Technology I & II
    • Cosmetology I & II • Criminal Justice I & II
    • Culinary Arts and Hospitality
    • Early Childhood Education I & II
    • Graphic Imaging Technology I & II
    • Health Science Education I & II
    • Industrial Automation & Robotics I & II
    • Networking I & II
    • Precision Machining I & II
    • Welding Technology I & II

    Interested students should speak to their counselor about taking advantage of vocational and dual credit opportunities.
  • Parent Tips

    student classroomMany studies have been done that link sleep and learning. Researchers have found that well rested minds are able to learn easier and retain more information. So, how much sleep does your child need?
    • 1-3 years old require 12-14 Hours per day
    • 3-6 years old require 10-12 Hours per day
    • 7-12 years old require 10-11 Hours per day
    • 12-18 years old require 8-9 Hours per day
      • Corporation Office

        Oregon-Davis School Corporation
        Dr. Donald E. Harman, Superintendent
        5998 N 750 E
        Hamlet, IN 46532

        Voice: 574-867-4561
        Fax: 574-867-8191

        Jr./Sr. High School

        Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
        5990 N 750 E
        Hamlet, IN 46532

        Voice: 574-867-4561
        Fax: 574-867-2481

        Tim Pletcher, Principal
      • Elementary

        Oregon-Davis Elementary School
        5860 N 750 E
        Hamlet, IN 46532

        Voice: 574-867-2711
        Fax: 574-867-2721

        William Bennett, Principal


        The mission of Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School is to challenge students to become 21st Century citizens.

        The mission of Oregon-Davis Elementary is to create well-rounded students who are prepared for the ever-changing global society.
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