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Graduation/Student Personal Possessions

Listed below is information related to this year's 2019-20 Graduation and the Return of Student Personal Possessions process. These events will be governed by the STAGES guidelines which are part of the BACK ON TRACK INDIANA PLAN disseminated recently from the Office of the Governor. Appropriate safety measures will be in place during both events. Corporation Nurse Tricia Huitt has been included in the development of these plans and School Resource Officer Kohles will be on duty at each of these events. The plans to carry out these processes have also been approved by the Starke County Health Department.


2019-2020 GRADUATION 

The 2019-2020 Graduation Ceremony will be scheduled for 6:00pm (CST) on Wednesday, July 1 with Thursday, July 2 designated as the rain date. The ceremonies will take place on the ODSC Soccer Field where seating, water, power, and restrooms are available. The ceremony will be restricted to the graduate's immediate family, and Social Distancing will be utilized. The Indiana STAGES guideline from the BACK ON TRACK INDIANA plan that is appropriate for Starke County at that time will be utilized (additional family member attendance may be considered based on state health directives). The ceremony is expected to be completed in one hour. A private site will be reserved for the Graduation ceremony if the Governor's current restrictions on the use of public school facilities is not lifted. The same safety measures described above will also be utilized in a private setting.


ODHS Principal Bettie Awald will be providing more specific ceremony information and guidelines to graduating Seniors and their families during the next few weeks.



In order to allow the ODSC campus buildings to be properly cleaned and sanitized for the beginning of the 20-21 school year, the student's personal possessions must be removed. The Senior return will be scheduled for May 21 with May 22 designated as the rain date, while the K-11 return will be scheduled for June 1,2,& 3.




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