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Dear Families, Friends and Schools,

Below is our latest list of students with PAX (Program of Academic Exchange) that are in search of Host Homes for this coming school year 2016-17.  We have CORE students and SCHOLARSHIP students along with some of our PRIORITY Students that need to be placed as early as possible. 

Reminder: that when you help us by reaching out to families, churches, non-profit organizations and friends in the community, PAX will donate to your school, youth group or non profit organization $150 per NEW FAMILY placement, that will be a benefit to your group as well as to the exchange student who is so eager to come to the USA and be apart of an American family life.

Please share this information with everyone you know, including staff and teachers, club members, coaches, friends, neighbors, church members, youth leaders, pastors and etc.

Please make sure they share with Wendy Medbourn how they heard about us!  We truly want credit to be given to the right club, team, youth group, 4-H club,  Scouts, Sorority, YMCA or school.

Thanks and we appreciate your help and continued support.    

PAX Students in search for Host Families… 2016-17 year!!

EARLY PLACEMENT students without headshots.

CORE students without headshots.

FLEX students without headshots.

YES students without headshots.

If you are interested in a particular student, please contact Wendy Medbourn IMMEDIATELY. ALL Coordinators through out America are sharing the same list. We want you to host the student you are interested in.

Please contact Wendy Medbourn at [email protected] or call 574-249-5557.